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we interrupt this string of cheesy jokes to bring you info

>>NAME: Cecil

>>GENDER: Male

>>AGE: Mid-thirties. We guess.

>>HEIGHT: Neither tall nor short.

>>WEIGHT: Neither fat nor thin.

>>VOICE: Sonorous.

POSITIVE: Friendly; gregarious; eloquent; good-natured; passionate; sincere
NEGATIVE: Irrational; inexplicable; sometimes a little more intense than necessary; holds grudges; slightly passive-aggressive; Believes in That Thing Which is Not Real but Not the Other Thing Which is Most Definitely Real; probably thinks a gov't that doesn't spy on you doesn't care about you
>>IN SUM: An average guy, at least by the standards of his town.

>>HISTORY: He was born, almost definitely in Night Vale. He grew up. He spent some time as a teenager, as we all must. He went to college, like some do. He visited, maybe, a version of Europe. And now he's a radio broadcaster.


n o n e

Cecil is just a man. Just a human man. He's a good talker -- that's his job -- but he has no abilities beyond the norm. I wouldn't even say he has a high tolerance for the strange, because Night Vale is not strange to him. Mountains are strange to him. Snow is strange. Mysterious disappearances, bodiless whispers, and unnameable dread? That's Tuesday afternoon.